Your Challenges

Ihre Herausforderungen

Do you work with a large number of standardized products and product information, run an online shop where many products are integrated by many manufacturers, or use print or e-catalogs? Then you know the great expenditure for the transformation of product data into product information and the complex maintenance of these products in your PIM system and the associated problems such as:

  • Missing or outdated product data and images
  • Time consuming and expensive product data gathering and enrichment
  • Missing producing capacity in seasonal peak times
  • Missing categorization and standardization

With us you save time, gain flexibility, reduce your costs, increase the quality of your product presentation and thus increase your sales.

Our Strengths

Unsere Stärken
  • Fast and cost efficient standardized product data production and enrichment
  • Adjustment of product images and graphics for a high-quality and uniform appearance
  • High flexibility to cover peak times
  • API to all relevant PIM systems
  • Own asset and data management tools in use
  • SEO relevant product texting
  • More than 16 years of experience
  • More than 1.000.000 produced product information

Product data collection and maintenance

Produktdaten Erfassung

We collect and manage all product data for you. We use our own asset and document management tools and can also work directly with and in your PIM system. We structure your data, bring them into standardized formats, enrich them with additional attributes and create SEO relevant texts from them. Product pictures, including technical drawings, we adapt to your specifications, for a uniform and high-quality appearance on your website.

The content team, composed of creator and graphic artists, is available to you at any time in order to continuously record, update or enrich products so that you can also implement short-term promotions in your online shop with the corresponding products.

Our clients

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Your contact for technical inquiries

Cristian Cioaca

Cristian A. Cioaca

Executive Director
Phone: +49 8151 265 704

Your contact for all inquiries

Jürgen Schaub

Jürgen Schaub

Key Account Manager
Phone: +49 8151 265 332