Innovating the world of data

In business development, progress meant gathering an endless amount of data. DCI was founded with the purpose of providing state-of-the art solutions to the challenges in the management of enterprise information. The database for commerce and industry provides ordered and structured data for buyers and suppliers from Europe, Asia and America.

Digital Media Solutions

With passion for communication and technology, our independent DCI Media Solutions unit is pleased to develop your targeted B2B marketing strategy. We offer effective ideas for digital media, planning, implementation and reporting. We analyse business needs, target groups, products, KPIs – and come out with the perfect mix of services on an EMEA level.


Starnberg, Germany, August 2, 2017
DCI AG  has secured an extensive partnership agreement with 1WorldSync, the leading provider of product content solutions to supercharge product content for both brand and retailer customers. 1WorldSync is enabling more than 25,000 global companies in over 60 countries.

Our solution

Tired of the data chaos? So are we.

The Internet is overwhelmed with information that has no structure and with content gathered from many sources. Everyone can create content but a few have quality, original information and it is hard to control the dataflow.

We figure out the unique business connector that will solve the data management problem for every business and industry. “The product” is the platform where your content is organized and you can manage it efficiently and in the benefit of your business.


The Portable Dynamic Content Platform

You can now grow your sales by promoting your products and solutions on a global scale, on various market sectors.

  • product management
  • company profile
  • smart search
  • dynamic content

Our clients

The team behind DCI

People are our most important resource. We managed to create a team of passionate and ambitious people, eager to continuously learn and to take part of the revolution we are ready for.