Roots and Culture

Where we come from shows how far we can get

With dignity or genuine joy, people wear the mark of the place they come from. Since we are from Bavaria, these feelings couldn’t be more intense, as our land makes us proud in countless ways. It is the place that refined our core values and gave us faith in our mission.

Why Starnberg

Starnberg is a representative bavarian city, rich in history and culture, as well as in natural and economical resources. The stunning landscapes of Bavaria inspired many artists and due to intense economic activities, Starnberg is one of the wealthiest cities in Germany.

Also known as the “Five Lakes Country”, our headquarter city is known for its beautiful sights over the lakes, with long paths along the shores, surrounded by moraine hills and sunlit mountains. In such a fascinating background, from recreation to business, people celebrate life and  are passionate, energetic and enthusiastic, no matter what activity they engage in.

Why Brasov

Our company’s culture found its perfect equivalent in Brasov, a city with long time german echoes, very similar to Starnberg in many aspects. Situated in the centre of Romania, Brasov has a very advantageous economic-geographic position. It is a place that shares our love of life, desire for freedom and ambition to evolve.

Like our whole-heartedly appreciated bavarian city, Brasov has astounding surroundings too. The alluring mountains and landscapes, the multitude of cultural events, the respect for history and traditions together with the responsiveness to all that is new, innovative – these are all reasons why residents greatly enjoy living here and tourists can’t wait to return.

From Bavaria to Brasov  and all around the world

We gladly embrace cultural diversity, respecting and valuing traditions from across the globe as we value our own. We are open to everything that makes a difference and brings positive changes to the world.

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