Vision and Strategy

Our goal: Create state of the art business solutions for commerce and industry.

Our vision is related to our dreams. Our main dream is to make companies grow faster, work efficient and enjoy the possibilities of today’s technology. We want to inspire them to want more and to give them the tools they need to succeed.

Our company, the products and services developed by us, our clients and partners, the market we approach – these are all tied by the same values that shape our brand: innovation, expertise, success, exquisiteness and dedication. Never settling for anything less than the absolute expression of these features, DCI is dedicated to a restricted elitist circle, a closed community.

The strategy of the company is centred on the analysis of the market necessities and trends, in order to anticipate and create the products and services that best answer to current or future business requirements of general interest. We believe that being a modern company is no longer enough – the real success catalyst is being ahead of your time.


Innovation – We take advantage of the latest technologies and we take them to the next level. We don’t wait for a solution to come when we don’t have one, we search, we learn together, we struggle and we develop our own.

Expertise and know-how – You can only become an expert if you are as passionate about work as we are. Being surrounded by professionals gave us the chance to find out the insights of successful businesses and to gather the know-how needed to apply them.

Success – We are in business for 20 years and we enjoyed the success and faced the difficulties. Time gave us wisdom but it didn’t take our enthusiasm. We know how glory tastes and we want to share it with our partners too.

Team – People are our most important resource. We managed to create a team of passionate and ambitious people, eager to continuously learn and to take part of the revolution we are ready for.

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