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DCI AG Enters Extensive Partnership with 1WorldSync

DCI AG Enters Extensive Partnership with 1WorldSync to Enhance Product Content for Brands and Retailers Starnberg, Germany, August 2, 2017 | DCI AG, a leading German provider of database services, has secured an extensive partnership agreement with 1WorldSync, the leading provider of product content solutions to supercharge product content for both brand and retailer customers.…

plugilo – a plug on the path to a “Facebook for Business”

The plug is to plugilo what the bird is to Twitter and the thumb is to Facebook. If the little plug icon can achieve just a fraction of the marketpenetration of Twitter or Facebook, then the corks should be popping in Starnberg, south of Munich. When the managing directors of plugilo Inc. Michael Mohr and…

DCI is eager to meet you at Brașov Career Fair!

The DCI team will be present at the second edition of Brașov Career Fair, which will be held between the 22nd and the 23rd of April, 2015, at Casa Armatei, in Brașov. We are looking forward to meet passionate young people, share insights and provide more information about the wonderful career opportunities at DCI. See…

New Categories

DCI has expanded catalog coverage to now include Toys, Power Tools and Do-It-Yourself categories.

DCI signs contract with FPT Vietnam

To support the numerous innovations planned for the following years, DCI establishes a partnership with FPT Vietnam. DCI introduces revolutionary products in Asia through the new found partner, FPT Vietnam. DCI adapts its products and services for each market it addresses to, so the need for a business partner in Asia was a priority. On…

Portioned Full Catalog Refresh

Some DataSource customers cannot load a full catalog refresh feed or even some of the bigger daily feeds when the DCI team does mass product updates and redistribution due to the size of data packages feeds.

Obsolete Historical SKUs

As the number of Product DCIPID numbers grows every year, and as we have to update old DCIPID numbers to maintain database consistency, the size of your data daily package feeds grow accordingly as well.