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Häfele and DCI – extended partnership for online and offline catalog creation

Häfele is one of the leading international companies for furniture fittings, architectural hardware, electronic locking systems and technical hardware. Its customers include the furniture industry, interior designers, hardware dealers, building developers, architects, planners in more than 150 countries. The Häfele know-how covers the development and manufacture of hardware, dynamic product range organisation for the many different markets, warehousing of more than 100,000 articles, delivery logistics and customer-friendly documentation of products in printed catalogs and online stores. Häfele sets itself apart from its competitors with its comprehensive special product ranges, creative marketing channels, unique range of services such as delivery from stock and with the company philosophy of a Swabian family-run business.

haefele1Häfele and DCI are working together to create, maintain and update the online and print catalog – The Complete Häfele. German, English, French, Spanish and Dutch are only a few of the supported languages. Using a high established framework consisting of a PIM system and dedicated print finishing software, DCI is in charge for the furniture and architectural catalogs. A dedicated team inside DCI enables Häfele to easy synchronize with their print agency and their communication strategy.


Combining the DCI database management experience with the finishing and graphic skills, we offer Häfele the desired production flexibility and scalability.


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