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We hit 2.5 millions standardized product data!

Today we’d like to let you know some exciting news.

Your requirements made us work harder and deliver only the best content, individual product coverage and exclusivity.

Close to winter sales we boost again our product range to offer you the support you need to achieve your expectations this year.

Notebooks, digital cameras, LED and 4K TV’s, tablets, newest announced smartphones are all available for you immediately!

To be more specific we talk about 2.581.825 standardized product specifications. Of course we provide you with the identifiers you need to find your top sellers within this big product range. In case you want us to take over, just ask and we will make a free of cost estimation on the coverage for you.

Time is ticking for the winter sales, yet we still can help you save time and get ready for the early start.

Thank you for choosing the right services that add value to your content!

Your DCI Content Team

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