The DCI story started from a visionaire’s desire of making revolutionary business. In 1993, a young mind and a creative spirit with an impressive know-how and ambition was predicting the future of commerce and industry.

At the beginning of the Internet, the industries were continuously growing and there was someone who saw the potential of connecting all markets together.

Michael Mohr founded DCI with a name that was conveying the mission: Database for Commerce and Industry. The goal was to build a huge database for the industry so that people can make business easier and commerce would develop faster.

Initiative for Innovation

Every successful business starts with spirit of observation, knowledge and the desire to combine these two in a manner that brings something new in the world as you knew it. Entrepreneurship is tied to necessity and a business that has impact is an answer to a call.

The Insight – The standards of living from all around the world are lowered or raised by the way global commerce and industry work.

The Knowledge – Technology can transform and reform business, enhancing the development of large scale enterprises with the help of innovative software engineering.

The Answer – Products and services that perfect data management and connect business professionals.

Creating an International Company

DCI was founded with the purpose of connecting buyers and suppliers from Europe, Asia and America by providing the best tools that help big companies manage their products database and business information flow.

Over the years, our company gathered experts from Germany and Romania, professionals that continuously work to develop innovative solutions to the global market requirements. We also opened offices all around the world to easily keep in touch with our partners.

With an impressive management team and highly engaged experts, we overcame amazing challenges of an ever changing technological climate and now it cumulates over twenty years of experience in providing software business solutions with worldwide impact.

Successful Business Solutions

We develop products and services that make commerce easier and solve data management problems, making business more efficient. Matching supply with demand, increasing sales conversions, maximisation of email marketing campaigns – these are only a few of the goals that clients never ceased to accomplish in their experience with DCI.

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