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Vision and experience, business accuracy and discipline, attention to detail and resolution – all in the service of technology. We take a glance at the future and try to continuously improve our software solutions.

We are inspired by their hard work and by their passion and we are pleased to be partners with successful businesses from a variety of industries. DCI is not for everyone. It is for the smart ones who can see the the future of their business and make the right choices.

We are constantly updating our products and procedures and we in touch with everything new about technology. Our focus is on helping clients to save money, get more efficient and grow faster.

Meet our technology partners

1WorldSync™ is the leading provider of product content solutions, enabling more than 25,000 global companies in over 60 countries to share authentic, trusted content with customers and consumers, empowering intelligent choices for purchases, wellness, and lifestyle decisions.
Through its technology platform and expert services, 1WorldSync provides solutions that meet the diverse needs of the industry. 1WorldSync is the only product content network provider and GDSN Data Pool to achieve ISO Certification 27001. For more information, please visit ​

The cloud computing platform provided by is appreciated throughout the entire globe for its high speed and efficiency. Amazon EC2, which allows scalable deployment of applications, and Amazon S3, an online file storage service, never fail to deliver beyond expectations.

From software and cloud computing to online advertising technologies and search, Google knows it all. Specialized in Internet related services and products, the multinational corporation has a very wide area of activity, always raising to the high standards we got used to.

The multinational corporation is well known for developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting and selling computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services. Microsoft is one of the most valuable companies of the world, a truly inspiring enterprise for us all.

The global cloud computing company  is best known for its customer relationship management product. Industries and companies of all sizes can connect to their customers by using the latest innovations in mobile, social, and cloud technology.

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