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With passion for communication and technology, we develop your targeted B2B- and B2C marketing strategy. We offer full service solutions for digital media, planning, implementation and reporting. We analyse business needs, target groups, products and KPIs – and come out with the perfect mix of services. Our home is lake Starnberg near Munich/Germany, with our exclusive network we are covering the whole EMEA region!

Our years of experience have taught us that the significance of good content worryingly decreases without proper means of communication. The valuable business information that connects global decision makers requires a media channel created for the specific demands of enterprises. We share the information that matters the most – fast, proficient, powerful.

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Brand New: eCommerce Advertising

DCI eTail AD Network

Meet your clients directly at point of sale online

We are building a premium Ad Network for the eCommerce. Communicate with your clients within best parts of the customer journey. Online Shops are the place where clients evaluate, benchmark, prepare and finally take their buying decision. With state of the art technology we are able to deliver contextual ads to relevant inventory to many online shops. Additionally, we place smart content & native advertising within some of the premium network. Ask for more info: etail ( at ) dcimedia. de

Our Services

DCI Digital Solutions

Own your market

Boost lead nurture with professional market research and give an eloquent touch to your communication strategy!
For profitable partnerships and customer relationships, we help our clients achieve their goals through our digital marketing solutions. We develop strategic concepts that are suitable for your business and translate your company’s efforts into performance. We are keen to support you with marketing automation campaigns and/or we can provide our own cloud based software to ensure a fully automated workflow. Get our professional advice during campaign implementation!

DCI Media Sales

Revenue means progress

This is the place where top specialists in digital ad sales meet. Because along the indisputable spiritual contentment offered by your business, the income generated by a team of sale experts is the most powerful indicator of success.
We work for highly respected publishers and online shops in the technology sector to market their advertising and newsletter programs. Ask for references!

DCI Direct

Uppermost B2B target groups

Simple, clear and exquisite. Professional permission for E-mail marketing. Get in touch with your most important business audience!
Our international data base was created to meet the highest standards and designed to extend our client’s campaigns to all available international markets. DCI Premium HTML E-mail is a rule for customer engagement, providing state of the art newsletter distribution technology.

DCI Business Ad Tech Network

The connection of B2B tech audiences

Favorable results are determined by perfectly calculated exposure. Get more reach with DCI Business Tech Network! You will reach your target group on numerous premium websites and groups, getting your message across. The entire performance is quantified by Active Views or CPE. The ad network delivers more than 150 Mio Pls. The patented DCI Ad Technology (WAI) is able to use many types of creatives, including rich media and native advertising content.
Maximise your success by permanently being in touch with your market!

DCI Mediaplan

Boost your brand with strategic media planning & buying

Our B2B marketing- and media experts know exactly how to address your target group in the technology sector. On an EMEA level we´ll find the right strategy to approach ITC decision makers with the right digital tactic. Our portfolio contains state of the art online solutions like: content marketing, lead generation, display advertising, programmatic, permission- and social media, native advertising search and SEO. The best: you don´t have to explain us your target groups, we know the customer journey of your clients already. Just contact us.

DCI Lead Gen Factory

The suitable business solutions

Lead programs, guaranteed CPLs or on CPM basis are no longer an issue. We customize it to your business!

Content Marketing
We know the importance of constantly increasing brand awareness in the B2B sector. But we are also aware of increasing  pressure to meet lead Generation Goals. With consideration to your quantitative and qualitative specifications, we tailor your content strategy for the challenging Lead requirements.

DCI Demand Gen Factory
At a fixed price or CPM based, our content marketing services address various target groups and decision makers. There are thousands of decisions makers in the ICT/CE Industry. You can address each and every one of them, also in vertical markets. Your content will reach the target audience through many touch points on the client’s buying journey. We will guide you and it will take effect.

DCI Lead Nurturing Services
Optimize the engagement with relevant content and increase your conversions with the help of our Lead Marketing Team. We develop multi-stage communication campaigns for your prospective buyers. Overcome the gap between Marketing Qualified and sales accepted leads. We work with you on your company targets with KPIs that you are truly able to reach.

Media Partner

DCI Media Team

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Michaela Hummel

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