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Marketing Automation Services are an essential and key part in modern digital marketing. Customers, no matter if B2B or B2C need ever more contact points with a company or the product to get into the final buying decision phase. To keep up with the customer journey and make the experience as personal and efficient as possible, marketing automation is no longer an option, its a cornerstone.

E-Mail Marketing


Our decision for EVALANCHE as the SaaS foundation for DCI LeadTarget was made with more than 7 years of using it ourself and some usage it is. We send out more than 6 million e-mails every month using EVALANCHE. Aditionaly we are supporting a variety of customers using the SaaS-solution in a number of different industries. From ITC to pharmaceutical, our customers get our technical and creative experience first hand.

EVALANCHE is used internationally by more than 2,000 companies and considerably more than 300 hotels, tourism regions and more than 150 top agencies. EVALANCHE is the world’s first e-mail marketing solution to be awarded the certificate of TÜV South Product Service and is made in Germany.
Experience some of the key features.

Live Tracking and Statistics

A new technology makes it possible for you to monitor initial results of your recipients live – with ongoing mailing.After completion, you will receive detailed statistic analyses that provide information about the precise behaviour of your customers.Profile data help you to refine the personal customer address further in subsequent campaigns.

Multi-Variant Split Campaign Test

Which e-mail variant has the best impact on the target group?With our split test, you can simply determine the version that promises the greatest success by sending the different newsletters to a test group.The most successful variant is then used automatically for the remaining recipients.You can define the size of the test group, the winning criteria and newsletter variants yourself.

Smart Profiling

Freely definable properties or attributes from the EVALANCHE data pool can be selected and assigned by click from now on. By opening or clicking on the article, the recipient profile is then automatically extended accordingly. To optimise the profile structure, input fields can be displayed dynamically on landing pages, depending on existing data. This means that you only allow the display of form fields that have not been completed yet.

E-Mail-Client and mobile preview

With EVALANCHE you can already simulate how your e-mail is received in the different mail clients beforehand.Up to 4 different views are available per mail client, e.g. with images and without loaded images, as well as a complete view of the e-mailing.
An increasing number of people are using their mobile phone to receive and send e-mails – is the content of your newsletter designed for this?One click and EVALANCHE Mobile Check checks whether your newsletter is optimally depicted on a Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile or Symbian OS.Necessary corrections are thus possible in a timely manner before the mailing is dispatched.

Cross Plattform Publishing

It has never been easier for web editors to create complex cross-media newsletters – entirely without any programming knowledge.You can simply enter the texts and graphics of your newsletter by CMS via a convenient web interface.

Privacy Policy by German Standards

After completion of comprehensive software quality audits, EVALANCHE is now the world’s first e-mail marketing solution to be awarded the certificate from TÜV SOUTH Product Service.
With state-of-the-art technical measures and with a contractual obligation of all employees of SC-Networks depending on their internal function to strict compliance with data secrecy pursuant to Section 5 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the compliance with work instructions, data protection guidelines and procedures relating to IT data security.
The EVALANCHE ASP Service is thus embedded in a bundle of maximum security and data protection measures in order to guarantee reliable access via the communication channels used.

DCI Media QuickStarter Services – E-Mail-Marketing

Your quick and carefree start into your e-mail marketing future.
If it is a single campaign or a complete first step into e-mail marketing with templates, subscribe processes and handling of the recipient data – our QuickStarter services handle everything for you. So you can concentrate on your business and we are bringing your e-mail marketing up to speed in a defined timeframe.

While EVALANCHE as one of the leading SaaS solutions on the market our stuff adds years of experience in webdesign, workflow implementation and e-mail marketing experience.

With both combined, you will experience a quick return on invest. Let us show you what is inside a QuickStarter E-Mail-Offer:

Subscribe / Unsubscribe

Your subscribe and unsubscribe worklfows are designed to your specification and needs. This includes forms, double-opt-in and confirmation e-mails or landing pages.


A one day training enables your stuff to get productive immediatly. As it is suggested to be done at the end of the ramp up, it will be tailored to your setup.

Data import

Just show us your data and we are going to make your initial import. This includes consulting on the design of your data pool, later exchange of data and the target groups for your mailings.

Newsletter Template

With a cross-media template tailored to your CI and your needs, you can start creating your newsletters right away. And they will look awesome on any device or media. The templates enable you to create newsletter by drag and drop.


Next to the system setup, it will be white-labeled to your domain and MX settings. This not only will enable links that can easily be identified with you and your product, it also ensures better delivery rates.

System Setup

Your personal instance of EVALANCHE will be ready to go, including users, groups and security profiles.

I want to start quickly

And we’ll send you all the information

Marketing Automation

The internet did change the customer journey completely. And this goes for B2C as well as B2B. With marketing automation you can accompany your customer on his journey, automate marketing tasks and finally nurture leads into buying customers. Automatic lead nurturing campaigns receive higher conversion rates, while being cheaper at the same time. Nurture your leads until they are ready for sales and optimize your ROI at the same time.

Evalanche Lead Management Edition

EVALANCHE V5 – For Improved Lead Management. One of the most advanced e-mail marketing automation technologies made in Germany.

The new version of EVALANCHE V5 combines a modern interface experience with a variety of effective marketing automation functionalities for improved lead management – made in Germany. Premium e-mail marketing is now complemented with powerful automation, scoring, and reporting techniques in order to generate qualify, validate and evaluate higher quality leads.

Lead Scoring

An essential component of comprehensive lead management is the rating of leads, so-called lead scoring. EVALANCHE now supports you with all the common explicit and implicit lead scoring information such as profile scoring, activity scoring and content scoring, including the entire lead management process through to the mapping of lead classification data. If necessary, you can also flexibly and conveniently connect external systems via the web service to collect scoring information.

Progressive Profiling

To optimise the profile structure, input fields can be displayed dynamically on landing pages, depending on existing data. This means that you only allow the display of form fields that have not been completed yet. This ensures that prospective clients are only asked for information that has not yet been provided, significantly increasing your conversion rate.

Enterprise Interactive Dashboards

The Enterprise Interactive Dashboard from EVALANCHE is a powerful marketing & sales performance dashboard that allows you to link EVALANCHE reporting data with third party systems such as CRM, ERP, financial accounting systems, etc. Based on a wide variety of parameters, you can perform real-time analyses all the way down to the profile level. You are thus able to render the value added of the marketing efforts measurable.

QuickStarter Automation

Our QuickStarter Automation packages combine best practises, years of experience and state of the art know how to get you on the road quickly.

Whether you choose the 60, 90 or 180 day package depends on your actual situation, your requirements and your goals. Of course we start by helping you choose the right solution and use professional analysis and planning to ensure the success of our roadmap. The whole experience that our team can provide at design, webdevelopment, inbound marketing and technology are at your disposal.

More Automation

  • In 90 Days to Success
  • Another 90 days to optimization
  • Complete setup of the software
  • Templates, forms, workflows
  • A / B Testing
  • Realtime Content
  • Training and Workshops
  • Coaching and Consulting


  • We take care to complete your campaigns
  • We care for your system
  • Planning and acting according to your specifications
  • Delivering Results

Automation Starter

  • In 90 Days to Success
  • Complete setup of the software
  • Templates, forms, workflows
  • Training and Workshops
  • Coaching and Consulting

E-Mail to Inbound

  • In 60 days to success
  • for e-mail marketers
  • templates, forms, workflows
  • Training and Workshops
  • Coaching and Consulting

Full Service

Lead Management

You are not going to implement a full-fledged marketing automation solution right away? But you are still looking for Sales Qualified Leads?
No problem at all.

Just use our QuickTask packages to get lead-management campaigns. We do all the heavy lifting for you, define how a SQL/SAL should look like and then setup the whole campaign for you. Together with our partnering network, we can also provide you with all needed services like outbound lead generation, whitespot analysis or content creation.

QuickTasks – Quick Help, Professional Result

Our QuickTask use our framework and experience, to complete single, well defined tasks for you. Whether its a webinar-series, seminar-invitations or the communication around events or fairs, you are getting a complete set of creative, workflows, templates, forms and confirmations.
No heavy uplifiting for you – just the results.

Full-Service – Your on-demand marketing department

Just hand over your goals and wait for the results. On top of all described products, we also offer you the service of a modern marketing agency at a shared costs model.

DCI LeadTarget Team

We provide full-service in the areas of e-mail marketing, marketing automation and lead management. Well-known tech companies from around the world consider us valuable assets for settling and achieving objectives, elaborating and implementing strategies, optimizing and reporting performance. For us, business goals are challenges we never fail to overcome!

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