The newest tool helps you increase sales by optimizing content management.

The Portable Dynamic Content Platform – the unique Marketplace for all kind of Business Content.

In the business context of fast paced changes and infinite choices, sales growth is a real challenge even for the long-time established, global companies. As a prompt answer to the need of digital information systems that manage complex content on a large scale, DCI developed webtradecenter.

This tool enables enterprises to grow their sales and reach numerous business opportunities by promoting their current products and solutions on various technology market sectors from global Intel partners.

One of the most important objectives DCI had in mind when creating webtradecenter was to provide a unique marketplace experience for every user, to open the door to new possibilities for entrepreneurs, manufacturers, distributors and application providers.

webtradecenter comprises multiple features, optimizing data management through time and cost effective processes.

4.470   active partners

2.7   Mio. active products

14   languages support

How it works

1. Based on the data each company needs, the PDC platform build by DCI generates specific product overview, price lists, electronic product catalogs, product files and data streams for all market players.

2. webtradecenter is updated daily and it uses smart match algorithms which help companies define their lists with keywords.

3. The secure login procedure functions with the integrated Login Federation Manager from the companyand allows 100% integration with 3rd party platforms.

4. webtradecenter provides extended support for collaterals (news materials), statistics and reports.


  • Main Menu Frontend
  • Main Menu Backend
  • Search
  • Item Details
  • Leads
  • Verticals Dashboard
  • Collaterals
  • Add Content
  • Content Alerts
  • Manage Company Rights
  • Check Portal Dashboard
  • Check Content Dashboard


Product Management with the entire range of features:

  • adding technical specifications
  • several product pictures product videos
  • pdf brochures
  • standardized attributes values

Company profile with company details:

  • description
  • address

Smart search combining vertical markets with product categories, companies, products and attributes.

Over 20 years of DCI experience, now dedicated to a revolutionary product!

DCI is an innovative content and digital asset dissemination technology provider for the globalized industry. Unlike current conventional content systems (web pages, PDF documents, RSS feeds), DCI solutions reinvent information distribution by centralizing data and making it available on all digital resources through a single click.

100 times faster, at a fraction of the cost.